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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Inner Space Techniques (IST)?

A set of therapeutic and healing techniques based on the inner space of meditation. The processes facilitate profound realizations, deep opening and real change.

What is this process used for?

Clients can resolve any number of personal issues.  Some typical kinds of conflicts addressed include improving your meditation practice, releasing old traumas, overcoming low self-esteem, addressing sexual and other energetic blockages, and finding the inner depth and dimension of your true self.

What happens in a session?

How long does it take?

Sessions typically take between 60 and 90 minutes. The process of self discovery and inner alchemy is in many ways a life's work, so it's not appropriate to put a specific time frame on this process. However, great strides can be made in a short period of time.

An IST session typically begins with the client laying down on a mat on the floor and with me sitting next to him or her.  I facilitate the landing of a spiritual energy in the room and place a finger or hand somewhere on the client's body. Through a series of strategic questions, I get the client to feel emotions that are buried beneath the surface.

Where did you train?

I am a member of a fellowship of spiritual seekers, healers, therapists and doctors called the Clairvision School of Meditation.  I studied for 15 years under its founder and visionary, Dr. Samuel Sagan.

What are your fees?

Individual IST session are $200 each, but I customize packages to individual client needs and offer other specialized services at varying prices.

Have other questions? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer them as soon as possible.

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