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Expect to go from feeling unsatisfied to feeling magnificent 


The Process is simple.


There is a client (you) and a practitioner also called a connector (me).


The connector helps the client feel whats going on inside by pressing a spot on the client's body and directing them to feel what the spot feels like.


A first time client will often report feeling nothing. It's the connector's job to get the client to feel something in the line of an emotion, a tactile quality, or a force.


Through the simple act of feeling and the guidance of an experienced connector, great experiences will unfold.


While the process is really just that simple there is a complex set of non-physical principles that engage to help the client unearth deep experiences. One big session is enough to change a destiny, however, expect to commit yourself to at least three sessions to determine if you resonate with this style of inner work. Sessions last approximately 60 to 90 minutes.


If you are interested in some of the more esoteric and spiritual aspects of this process you can read more here.

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